Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What's it all about Alphie?

So many things to talk about. Where do I begin? What direction should I take?
The virtues of remarriage? that's a rich subject
The benefits of divorce? that's a minefield
The joys of stay at home motherhood? most days that would be easy
The annoyance of being on a diet while experiencing menopause? why bother (but I'm sure I will)
The anxiety of how to become a working person again someday? Yikes, but I think about it alot.
The frustration of seeing my invention ideas realized without me? I'm crying, but buying.

If only there was a way of transcribing my insomniac mind ramblings into print when they strike me at 2 or 3 in the morning. I usually don't want to even open my eyes to see what time it is. You know how there's a voice command that types? (I'm sure there's a more technical term for it, but I wouldn't know what that is), well, I need a thought transcriber. Now, when i'm actually awake and functional, the good stuff isn't flowing as much as it was last night.

But I'm going to stick with it. I hope you will too.

Good night good people. Forget this immediately.

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