Monday, July 27, 2009

This is it.

I almost posted just the title. Me and keyboards!
But better I should elaborate. Just because I want to.
Depending on how you read that phrase, "This is it", it could sound either definitive and bland, or positively explosive and indicative of celebration. I mean it as the latter. You could put music behind it. And it takes off from my last post. So, let's segue, shall we?
Tonight I was walking home from Kay and Dave's with my kids and I really stopped to smell the roses. Does it get any better? This IS the modern day Donna Reed show I was yearning for.
Milly and I picked up AnnaLeah (my "new" daughter) who has just returned from Scotland and brought her home. Whereupon, A~L and the ecstatically surprised Alice took off for a photo shoot at Pali High. 15 minutes later Sunny dropped Jake off to hang out and sleep over. She was headed to a tennis exhibition. Dan came home and at A~L's request we walked into town for dinner. I used to walk to town a lot with the kids to have dinner. I like it. We had a great dinner. Jake and Milly had a table to themselves. The 4 of us had such a great time, talking, laughing, being together. Then we walked home, 2 by 2 by 2. And it struck me what a great and fabulous life this is. This is all I ever wanted. This is so great to have and enjoy.
Good night good people.

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