Sunday, December 6, 2009

Techology flummox

I was going to post about exercise but when I went to start typing, I found I couldn't access my own blog space. How ironic. I choose an avenue that I can't even walk down. And yet, not even a little surprising.
I find that with most things technological and cyberific, I can barely get up the onramp. I have about 6 different passwords, three different email addresses, 5 or 6 different user id's, and god knows how many accounts on various sites that require me to come up with just the right combination of user ids and passwords. Sometimes I use my email address, but sometimes I've come up with cute and funny names instead. Given those various possible combinations, what's the ultimate number of steps I could take to find the right one at any given moment. My guess is it's in the upper hundreds of thousands. I'd reduce down to one password for everything (thank goodness most things are under it) but it's not even a really safe one, and it doesn't have the right combination of symbols, numbers and letters to qualify as acceptable for some sites. I saw a list once of how safe various passwords were, and I smugly assumed that mine was so good it wouldn't even be on their list. Alas, 76th out of 100. What's a basic one step above luddite to do?
I'd keep a list of all my sites and the passwords, but then how freakin safe would that be?
For now, I guess I'll just have to figure out a super safe word and convert everything to that one password. And if I have my identity stolen, well, I don't know. I'll sign off the world wide web forever. But for now, while memory serves, I'll blog a little longer.
I'd blog on exercise now, but that would keep me from actually going to the gym.

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