Tuesday, November 16, 2010

procrastination and avoidance

My head was spinning just now, so I decided to do a real time brain slice of what it's like to be me while I avoid something.

It's 10:23. I've checked my email, Facebook, Google News, Amazon deal of the day. I've gotten Milly off to school (2 hours ago) and taken Alice to Spencers, back home to get the flash cards she forgot for her critical philosophy test and back to New Roads by 10. Upon returing home the thought process goes something like this:

I should get some exercise. Milly doesn't get home til 1:15, and all I have to do is make an Asian salad for the teacher luncheon at her school for tomorrow. I have all the ingredients, I don't even have to go to the market.

I want to color my hair. It's short, it should be easy. 40 minutes tops. But maybe I should try and do a weave type color so that I can let it grow out longer before I have to color it again. That would take considerably longer.

Ok, so I can do the hair, either way, after I get some exercise. Should I take a one hour hike up Temescal to the Waterfall? That sort of gets me into better shape so that I can start taking hikes with Dan up to the peak. But the waterfall hike is an hour.

Maybe I should just go up the hill loop which only takes 1/2 hour. That way I could take Buffy and kill two birds with one stone.

What if I didn't do anything exercise wise? I'm still in my pajamas after all. (yes I have succumbed to the temptation to taking Alice to school in my pajamas. I put on real shoes though). After all, I walked and lifted weights yesterday. My muscles have that good worked out, almost sore, but not feeling.

But if I don't walk now, or hike, I won't be on my way to the goal of 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. Is that my goal? Yes. Not very good at getting there.

So, if I do the shorter walk, come home and do my hair, make the salad, read a little, have lunch, I'll be all done by the time Milly gets home from her shortened day at 1:15.

Do I dare post this and reveal what a true slough I am?

Maybe it will make you feel better about yourself.

Regardless, it's now 10:31 and I'm getting dressed to take Buffy up the hill.


  1. you're a sloth not a slough, although part of you might a slough, since you're female. we all fight the same lazy devil every day. but to quote my sexy guru "the more good habits you have, the less time you have for the bad ones."

    xoxo, jb

  2. It's a glamorous life but someone has to live it.