Friday, September 25, 2009

Small Town

We have a friend staying with us this weekend, Paul, a friend of Dan's from San Francisco. He arrived this afternoon. We walked into town to have dinner at the local health food brasserie. I love that when I go there, I'm sure to see someone I know. Sure enough, there sat Gregg and his daughter Megan. Megan is one of Milly's little friends and the Dad is a friend of another friend of mine. And, no less heartwarming was seeing the actress from way back on Saturday Night Live, although I can't think of her name, I remember she was funnnnnnnny. I see her all around town. She's sweet, but way, way peculiar. She takes her groceries out of the store in her cart, unbagged, so that she can bag them the way she likes to in the trunk of her car. I've heard her explain this.

After dinner we stopped at Ralphs to get some things that Paul might want to have on hand. Breakfasty things, snacks, the like. So, we're in the ice cream aisle, (who doesn't like ice cream although I think this was for us, not for him per se) and I ask him what else he'd like to have. He says lactaid milk is what he usually drinks. I however heard lactated milk and stopped listening and started thinking "that can' t be what he said". Being me, I verbalize that to Paul and Dan just so we can all have a chuckle. And we pantomime breast feeding, sort of, and mumble little lactating jokes. I like stupid humor. So we're chuckling, giggling even, when the properly dressed Palisadian matron standing 3 feet away, quips, "now that would be a good hostess".. We ROTFL. I'm laughing all the way until we hit the coffee section.

The next adventure consists of watching Dan agonize over getting some decaf coffee which cost $9.88 for 12 ounces, and grumbling that the $9.00 a pound coffee didn't come in decaf. And yet I didn't want to interrupt his process, because I want to support him in his quest to give up his afternoon coffee addiction, so I wanted to make sure he was very happy with his choice of decaf for the afternoons to ensure that he doesn't slip and resume his afternoon coffee addiction.

As I type this, I can hear the high school football team marching band out my back window.

Now, that's the small town I live in. Celebrities at the health food restaurant, witty women in the ice cream aisles, and my darling choosing decaf at the coffee end cap.

Good night good people.


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